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November 26th, 2020



In a World enslaved by Darkness, a small group of heroes band together in defiant resistance. Their aim is to rise up against the New Empire, and shine beyond the darkness, becoming a force for hope against this Tyranny.

The story centers on our hero Jake, who is furiously fighting a battle against his own personal, very tangible demons. With the help of his friends and trustworthy allies, Jake must fend off waves of dark forces pouring out of an Abyssal gate, holding off the evil minions whose only goal is nothing less than the complete takeover of the realm.

An online “Idle-action Hybrid” Role Playing Mobile game, Shining Beyond stands at the crossroads between immersive gameplay and rewarding offline hero progression, allowing players to choose the style that fits them best. From the talented team that brought you the heroes of Valiant Force, Shining Beyond offers the opportunity for players to freely customize their ideal roster of heroes.



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