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Patch Notes 18/11


New Features

1. New Limited-time Event: Dark King’s Calling

2. New Server: G8 – Glenroth

3. Emma Godric’s New Costume: Crimson Queen (costume pack includes Weapon Skin and Vanity Skin)

4. New Event Feature: Bingo Game – Complete the Bingo Board and obtain an Anniversary Bingo Selector (choose to receive 200 Emma hero shards, 400 Oda Nobunaga hero shards, or 400 Lancelot hero shards)

5. New Server Celebration Giveaway: Daily mailbox gift containing 400 free gems (expires after 48 hours) for 7 days

6. New Server Celebration one-time gift: 1x Reroll Summon Ticket (sent to mailbox, expires Dec 31)

7. Anniversary Countdown Giveaway login calendar (7 Days)

Limited Time Event

(18 – 25 November 2021)

Event Hub is unlocked at Player Level 10

1. New Event Feature: Bingo Game. The Bingo Game board consists of 25 tiles, and players can use Bingo Tickets to roll for a bingo tile each time. Complete the Bingo Board to receive the Anniversary Bingo Selector (choose to receive 200 Emma hero shards, 400 Oda Nobunaga hero shards, or 400 Lancelot hero shards).

How to play:

1a. Bingo Tickets can be obtained by clearing Event Dungeon (Week1) and Daily Event Quests

1b. Players will need to obtain a total 12 Bingos to win the grand prize

1c. Opening 5 tiles in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally is considered 1 Bingo

1d. Rolling the same number more than once is considered a duplicate roll

1e. After 20 duplicate rolls have been made, the player will be allowed to manually pick an unopened tile

2. New Event Dungeon – “Vault of Lamentation”. Defeat enemies and collect Bingo Tickets to roll in Bingo Board and obtain resources like XP Potions, Purple, Green or Blue Relics, Class Orbs (dropped from boss enemies on all difficulties), Ascended Class Orbs (dropped from boss enemies on the Legendary and Master difficulties only) and even Omnishards.

3. Express Event – Players will be able to use Express Tickets on completed event stages to clear them as many times as you have Event Energy for. Please note that using the Express function on Vault of Lamentation stages will lead to an equal or higher amount of rewards when compared to manual play. As such, we recommend that players Express the event stages after clearing them.

4. Remember to claim Bonus Energy Mealtime Giveaways (3 times a day) during this event from your Mailbox. Collect them in the morning from 4AM onwards, after lunch from 12PM onwards, and during dinner time from 8PM onwards (GMT +8).

Note: The Event Energy Token count resets daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through Forge, please remember to use them before the daily reset time (every day at 12AM , GMT+8)


1. Emma has gladly given up the mantle of the Red Witch, but a crimson ensemble still suits her well. Emma’s Exclusive Bundle “Throne of Blood” contains the Crimson Queen Costume, Vanity and Weapon Skin will be available in the Shop under the Fashion section from 18 – 25 November 2021

2. Emma’s Holy Costume from the “Emma’s Holy Reach” bundle has returned to the Shop. Bundle includes Emma’s Holy Sword and Holy Vanity!


1. First purchase bonuses for Gems (Shop > Gem), Gold, Gear Dust and Rune Dust (Trade > Gem Bundles > Gold / Gear Dust / Rune Dust).

2. Get your hands on Relic Selectors (5 to 7-star rarities) with the Value Job Booster Pack and Super Value Job Booster Pack, available from 18 – 25 November 2021.

3. Limited-time packs to celebrate Emma’s return! Emma’s Advancement Pack will be available in the Shop. Receive Emma’s hero shards, Ascended Acolyte Orbs and Acolyte Relics from the bundle!

4. To celebrate the release of the new server (G8), you can obtain a Re-roll Summon Ticket, Gold Summon Ticket, XP Potions and Relic Selector from the Premium Shop through “New Server Celebration” bundles that will be available during this event period.

5. Check out the new Item Drop Mod Pack and Deluxe Bundles in the Premium shop. Item Drop Boost Mods can boost the item drop rate of loot you get when clearing a stage.

6. Swing by our Premium Shop from 18-25 November and check out the new bundle: Debuff Mod Pack and the Deluxe Debuff Mod Pack! Included in these packs are 5-star and 7-star ATK Down Mod and DEF Down Mods.

7. A Weekend Flash Sale is taking place on 20-21 November 2021. We will be releasing special bundles of great value for just 24 hours! Be sure to swing by the Shop to grab deals on Item Drop Mod and Debuff Mod packs which include 7* Item Drop Boost Mods, 7* ATK Down Mods and 7* DEF Down Mods!


1.  Story Energy regeneration rate has been increased to 1 Energy every 5 minutes (from 1 energy every 10 minutes).

2. Purchase limit of the Defender Rune in the Seasonal Arena Shop in Trade has been increased to 4.

3. Global Buff: Receive 100% extra XP Potions and 100% extra Gold whenever you clear Gold Dungeon stages from 18 November – 9 December 2021

4. Global Buff: Receive 100% extra Gold, Gear Dust and Rune Dust for clearing Campaign Story stages from 18 – 25 November 2021

5. Shining Beyond’s 1st Anniversary is just around the corner! Let’s celebrate this epic moment with the Anniversary Countdown Giveaway login calendar from 18 – 25 November 2021. Login everyday to obtain Summon Tickets, Omni-shards, XP Potions and a Royal SSR Summon Ticket on Day 7!

6. New Server Celebration Giveaway: To celebrate the launch of the new G8 Glenroth server, we’ll be sending out a daily gift of 400 Gems to all players’ mailboxes for 7 Days from 18-25 November 2021! (Note: Each mail expires after 2 days)

7. New Server Celebration One-Time Gift: To celebrate the opening of server G8, we will be sending out 1x Re-roll Summon Ticket to everyone via the in-game mailbox! This in-game mailbox gift will be available until 31st December 2021

Bug Fixes

1. Seasonal Arena – There will be a red dot notification on the Arena icon on the Main Page if a player has unused Seasonal Arena energy when Seasonal Arena is active.

2. Seasonal Arena – Fixed a display issue where some Heroes’ Weapon Skill icons were missing during Seasonal Arena Rounds 2 & 3 (Dark Disciples or a Hero with no weapon equipped)

3. Seasonal Arena – Fixed a visual issue where Kane’s skill effect would persist into the next Seasonal Arena Round.

4. Battle – Fixed an issue where the Life Mark debuff can be dispelled from enemies if a Hero cast the Disruption skill.

5. Treasure Pot – Fixed a display issue where a Treasure Pot reward icon would not update correctly if there are multiple Treasure Pots.

6. Forge – Fixed a UI issue when attempting to Transmute Relics from the Event Forge when crafting items that require Relics as a crafting material.

7. Global Buff – Fixed a display issue with Global Buffs if a player changes the in-game language without restarting the game,

8. Hero – The following skills have been adjusted so they will not be overwritten and be replaced by the same effect of a lesser value. These skills can be replaced if the Hero casts a similar skill of a higher effect value. Eg. If the Hero currently has a 70% Attack Speed Up buff active, the same Hero casting a 25% Attack Speed Up skill will not overwrite and replace the existing 70% buff.

– Life Mark
– Heal Shield
– Regeneration
– Attack Speed Up
– Thorns

9. Hero – The skill Rebirth has been adjusted so that a Hero may have multiple Rebirth buffs active at the same time (instead of an existing Rebirth buff being overwritten when the Hero gains a new Rebirth buff). Upon death, the highest Rebirth skill value will take effect and all other Rebirth buff on the Hero will be consumed.

10. Tower – Fixed an issue where the Tower Debuff was not working properly for debuffed Tower Floors in special Events.

11. Trade – Fixed a display issue between 3D models and the UI in the Fashion Shop

12. World Raid – Fixed a display issue with Team 2 and Team 3 having Hero portrait issues if the player comes into this page after quitting a World Raid battle by using the ‘Prebattle’ button.


1. The limited-time event “Relics! Get the Relics” will end.

2. Lucille Featured Summon and Glory Pass will be removed.

3. Guild Raid Heroes Featured Banner will be removed

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