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Patch Notes 16/9


New Features

1. New Limited-time Event: Vision of Hope

2. Introducing the final hero in the “Heroes of Legend” series, Acolyte hero: Joan of Arc (SSR)

3. New Costume for Joan of Arc (SSR): Moonlight Sonata

4. New Event Battle Pass: Mooncake Collection Pass

5. New Guild Feature: Guild Tech Tree and Guild Bounty are now available to all players above level 13 (unlocks Guild feature) and currently in a guild.

6. New Limited-time Giveaway: Lunar’s Giveaway (14 Days)


New Featured Banner: Joan of Arc (SSR). Summon rates increased for Joan of Arc in her featured banner.

Step Up Summon for returning “Three Kingdoms” series hero Guan Yu: Players who complete this Step Up Summon will obtain sufficient hero shards to summon Guan Yu (SSR) and a 7* Guan Yu Weapon.

Limited Time Event

(16th – 30th September 2021)

Event Hub is unlocked at Player Level 10

1. New Event Dungeon – “Lone Wolf Hideout”. Defeat enemies and obtain War Tokens to access the Week 2 Dungeon and collect Mooncake Stashes to get FREE rewards from the Mooncake Collection Pass such as the Acolyte hero Emilia (SSR), 200 Emilia hero shards, and the Emilia Moon Goddess Costume!

2. Week 2 Dungeon (Active from 23-30 September 2021): Moon Bunny’s Wrath will be available during the second week of the Event. Obtain War Tokens to access this special event dungeon when it opens. War Tokens can only be obtained by clearing Lone Wolf Hideout and exchanging Event Tokens in Event Shop

3. Collection Ladder: The Moon Rabbit Hunt – Clear the Moon Bunny’s Wrath Dungeon to obtain Universal Ladder tokens that will be counted towards your ranking in the Collection Ladder. Obtain awesome prizes such as a Royal SSR Selector, Class Orb Selectors, Joan of Arc hero shards, and many more! Collection Ladder starts from 23rd – 30th September 2021.

4. Updated Event Shop in Trade: Collect the special Event Tokens (Aqua Event Tokens) and exchange them in the Event Shop for Cecil’s School Costume, Acolyte Class Orb, Mooncake Stashes, War Tokens, Relics and many more! Please note that excess Aqua Event Tokens unused at the end of the event will be removed after the Event Shops have closed.

5. Event Currency Drop Up – Gain 30% extra event tokens when you have Joan of Arc in your squad and gain 5% extra event tokens when you have Tess/Raegar/Altima included! Better yet, include all four heroes, and you’ll be able to stack the bonuses to gain up to 45% extra event tokens each time you’re clearing Lone Wolf Hideout event stages! The drop-up bonus is applied even when you use the Express feature to clear stages without combat!

6. Event Exclusive Gears – Upgrade the Moonbeam gear set from 4* to 7*, as well as to the newest 8* in the Event Forge using Formless Shards and Moon Cores found as loot from the Event Missions.

7. Limited Time Forge – Forge Formless Shards with Gust/Moon/Soul/Blood Shards. These Formless Shards can now be used to Forge the Blood Drinker, Tailwind, Moonbeam, Soul Collector Event Gears when they are available!

8. Express Event – Players will be able to use Express Tickets on completed Event Stages to clear them as many times as you have Event Energy for. Please note that using the Express function on this event may lead to less rewards than with manual play, due to the event’s mechanics.

9. Remember to claim Bonus Energy Mealtime Giveaways (3 times a day) during this event from your Mailbox. Collect them in the morning from 4AM onwards, after lunch from 12PM onwards, and during dinner time from 8PM onwards (GMT +8).

Note: The Event Energy Token count resets daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through Forge, please remember to use them before the daily reset time (every day at 12AM , GMT+8)


1. Joan of Arc’s Moonlight Sonata Costume from the “Lunar Revelry” bundle will be available in the Premium Shop during this event period.

2. Guan Yu’s Costume has returned for a limited time! Check out the limited costume bundle “Double Dumpling Delight” in the Premium Shop.

3. Cecil’s School Costume will be available in the Event Shop for a limited time. Redeem her costume by trading in your event tokens before the event ends.


1. Two limited-time packs, Joan of Arc’s Debut Pack and Joan of Arc’s Weapon Pack, will be available in the Shop. Get your hands on Joan of Arc’s Hero Shards and Weapon from these bundles!

2. Guan Yu’s Debut Pack and Weapon Pack will be available in the Premium Shop during the event period. Obtain Guan Yu’s shards, 7* Guan Yu Weapon and other resources to upgrade her!

3. Get ready for our three-day Mid-Autumn sale, taking place from 20th – 22nd September 2021! During this period, we will be releasing various flash sales and special bundles of great value! Be sure to swing by the Shop to grab deals on Royal SSR Ticket, Moonbeam Gear Set, Event Summon Ticket, Mid-Autumn Vanity, Class Orb, Tool Kits and 7* Awaken Material Selectors!

4. Swing by our Premium Shop from 16th – 23rd September 2021 and check out the first week Summon Bundle and Job Booster Pack! Included are Event Summon Tickets (to summon on Joan of Arc’s Banner) and Relic Selectors to grab for a limited time!

5. Grab the exclusive Rune bundles which feature 6-star and 7-star Rune Selectors, starting from 23rd – 30th September 2021 (Second Week)

6. Obtain extra Class Orb Selector and Omni-Shards from the Premium Shop through “Weekly Class Orb Bundle” that will be available during the event period (refreshed weekly)

7. Additional Experience (XP) Potions will be available through a Daily Experience Pack available during this event period only (refreshed daily)


1. New Glory Battle Pass will start from 16th – 30th September 2021. Summon on the Joan of Arc featured Hero Banner to earn points and receive Glory Battle Pass rewards! With the Glory Battle Pass rewards, you’ll be able to swiftly promote Joan of Arc up to 7 stars!

2. Joan of Arc Advancement Calendar will be available from 16th – 30th September 2021, accessed through the Treasure tab. Obtain more resources such as Acolyte Relics and Acolyte Class Orbs to upgrade Joan of Arc’s job classes.

3. New Loyalty Battle Pass will start from 16th September – 7th October 2021. Collect Loyalty Points by spending on special event bundles and level up the pass to earn free rewards! Note: Joan of Arc specific bundles will grant double the Loyalty Points!

4. A new Battle Pass (BP): Heroes of Legends will start from 20th September – 7th October 2021. Collect BP Points to level up your Battle Pass and earn free rewards with each level. Receive Gems, 7* Hephaestus Hammers and Class Orb Selector under the Free rewards section; and “Heroes of Legend” Chest, Selector and Weapon Selector as part of the Paid rewards!

5. Limited-time Event Collection Pass: Mooncake Collection Pass – Get FREE rewards including the Moon Goddess Emilia Costume by collecting Mooncake Stashes, dropped upon clearing Event Dungeon stages. You can also redeem Mooncake Stashes from the Event Shop by trading in some of your Aqua Event Tokens.


1. Introducing new Guild Feature: Guild Tech and Guild Bounty. Both features will be available for all players above level 13 who are in a guild. (Do refer to our developer Blog for more details about the new feature:

1a. Guild Tech Tree – Guild Leaders are able to upgrade Guild Tech with Tech points. These Techs grant benefits to all members in the guild and range from buffs in several game modes to Guild Bounty upgrades. Tech Points are obtainable from Guild bounties, Donations and Guild Quests. Note: Only Guild Master and Vice Guild Master can upgrade the Guild Techs.

1b. Guild Bounty – Similar to Treasure Bounty, Guild Members can deploy their heroes to obtain Guild Tech Points which can be used to upgrade Guild Tech Tree. Guild members are able to check in the Participation tab for the list of members that have contributed to deployment. Participation is updated periodically. Changes may not be immediately visible.

2. Global Buff : Active Period 16th – 30th September 2021

2a. Receive 100% extra hero experience Potion (XP) and 50% extra Gold whenever you clear Gold Dungeon stages!

2b. Receive 100% extra Hero XP for clearing Campaign Story stages.

3. Active Hero Skill Runes for Lancelot have been added to the Raid Shop

Bug Fixes

1. Battle – Fixed an issue where iOS users would occasionally experience an issue disengaging the Flag Rally icon in battle

2. Hero Skill – Fixed an issue with the Rebirth skill where the Hero would not revive if the killing blow damage was larger than the rebirth HP regain amount.

3. Battle – When the Double Strike buff is activated, the text ‘Attack modified’ should now show up correctly in battle.

4. Battle – Activating a HP % loss Grand Trial in Season 2 Campaign will no longer cause the battle to sometimes stutter.

5. Hero Skill – Fixed a display issue where Tatiana’s attack buffs from her Dragonrending skill would not display properly in the View Effects panel if it’s cast while her Shattered Vengeance and Windstep job buffs are active.

6. Hero Skill – Fixed an issue where certain skills such as Fear will cause the heroes to not move into the next room and continue the Battle.

7. Campaign – Fixed an issue where Heroes entering Campaign missions with the HP % Loss Grand Trials would occasionally cause the battle to pause.

8. Co-op – Fixed an issue where players joining a Co-op session would not get the increased loot drop from the Host’s Quest Mods that increases loot and currency drop from the session.

9. Guild Raid – Fixed an issue where damage done to minions was also displayed in the Post Battle screen’s Total Damage number to the Raid Boss.

10. Hero Unity – Fixed a display issue in the Hero Unity page on iPads / tablets device

11. Settings – Fixed an issue where turning off Shadows in settings would cause the setting to reset upon restarting the game. Turning off Shadows should now save this setting for the player across different play sessions.

12. Summon – Fixed a display issue where receiving the same hero twice in the Summon will cause the Hero icon to display incorrectly in other areas of the game.

13. Tutorial – Fixed an issue where the Treasure Bounty tutorial would not be able to proceed when viewed on phones of certain types of dimensions when viewing the Tutorial for the first time.

14. World Raid – Fixed an issue where a player could not deal more than 2.147 billion damage in a single instance.


1. Prebattle – A ‘Prebattle’ button has been added to the Settings menu in Battle to take players back to the Prebattle page (Quit will still take the player back to the Main landing page in the game)

2. Fashion Shop – The Fashion Shop is now available in Trade under the Merchant section.

3. Gear – Players can now long press the 十 and 一 buttons when selecting shards, gears etc in the Forge and Bag.

4. Global Buff – Buffs of a similar nature will now be displayed and grouped together.

5. Skill Queue – Removed pop up reminder to reset Auto Skills Queue if players have changed non-weapon gears to their Heroes.

6. Tower – Vastly improved loading times when players are accessing Tower (Event or Spires) main pages

7. Guild Raid – Vastly improved loading times for Guild Raid when accessing the Guild Raid page

8. Seasonal Arena – Added a display countdown to the start date and time of the Seasonal Arena in the Arena main page

9. Rune – Vastly improved the loading speed when mass disenchanting rune

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