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Patch Notes 7/10


New Features

1. New Limited- Event: Night of the Pumpkin Snatchers

2. Introducing “Dark Disciple” New Warrior Hero: Eliza Kingsley (SSR)

3. New Costume for Eliza (SSR): Sweetie Pie Costume

4. Calendar Giveaway: Eliza’s Advancement (14 Days)

5. A New Guild Raid Battle Has Been Added


1. Summon rates increased for Eliza (SSR). Summon rates increased for Eliza in his featured banner.

2. A New “Three Kingdoms” Heroes Step Up Summon will be available to all players for a limited period. Players who complete this Step Up Summon will obtain a Three Kingdoms Hero Chest.

Limited Time Event

(7-21 October 2021)

Event Hub is unlocked at Player Level 10

1. New Event Dungeon – “Tower of Squashy Terror” Event Section has been added.
Please note that the floors in this Event Tower do not weaken over time, even though the Floor Weakening menu and UI are present here. To account for the Event Tower floors not weakening over time, we have lowered the difficulty level of all floors to be lower than usual.

2. Event Shop in Trade (Active Period: 7 – 28 October 2021)

2a. Event Shop: Collect the special Event Tokens (Terra Event Tokens) and exchange them in the Event Shop for Warrior Class Orbs, Halloween Exclusive Battle Items and many more! Seasonal Arena Energy will also be added to the shop from 14 – 21 October 2021. Please note that excess Terra Event Tokens unused at the end of the event will be removed after the Event Shops have closed.

2b. Tower Shop: More limited items will be available in Tower shop such as Unity Signet, Valiant Hero Chest, SSR Tower Hero shards and Battle Mods!

2c. Gold Shop: Don’t miss out this opportunity to stock up your supplies including; 6* Trigger Rune Selector, Active Skill Rune Selector, Stat Rune Set and many more!

3. 2nd Week Event Dungeon and Seasonal Arena will be available from 14-21 October 2021

3a. New Dungeon: Lair of the Pumpkin Fiend will be available during the second week of the Event. Obtain War Tokens to access our special event dungeon when it opens. War Tokens can only be obtained by clearing Daily Event Quest; please note that excess War Tokens unused at the end of the event will be removed.

3b. Limited Buff time (Week 2 only: 14-21 October 2021) – Gain 30% extra event tokens when you have Eliza in your squad, 5% extra event tokens when you have Zhuge Liang/Lu Bu/Cao Cao in your squad! Include them all, and stack your bonuses to gain up to 45% extra Event Tokens each time you’re clearing the dungeon!

3c. Seasonal Arena returns: Set up three squads of four heroes each, and take them to the Seasonal Arena for an all-out best-of-3-rounds brawl against other players’ teams! Take part in the battle for amazing prizes! Seasonal Arena Energy will be added to the Event shop from 14 – 21 October 2021.

3d. Seasonal Arena Shop: Use your precious Seasonal Arena Points in the Event Shop to buy rare treasure! Seasonal Arena Points can be accumulated across seasons (and saved up for future redemptions) but Seasonal Arena Shop item quantities will be refreshed at the start of the next season.

4. Event Exclusive Gears: Upgrade the Soul Collector Gear Set from 4* to 7*, as well as the newest 8* in the Event Forge using Formless Shards and Soul Cores found as loot from the Event Missions.

5. Limited Time Forge – Forge Formless Shards with Gust/Moon/Soul/Blood Shards. These Formless Shards can now be used to Forge the Blood Drinker, Tailwind, Moonbeam, Soul Collector Event Gears when they are available!

6. Express Event – Players will be able to use express tickets on completed Event Stages to clear them as many times as you have Event Energy for. Please note that using the Express function on this event may lead to less rewards than with manual play, due to the event’s mechanics.

Note: Express tickets may only be used in the Week 2 Dungeon. Tower levels may only be cleared once to gain one-time Tower rewards for each floor cleared.

7. Remember to claim Bonus Energy Mealtime Giveaways (3 times a day) during this event from your Mailbox. Collect them in the morning from 4AM onwards, after lunch from 12PM onwards, and during dinner time from 8PM onwards (GMT +8).

Note: The Event Energy Token count resets daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through Forge, please remember to use them before the daily reset time (every day at 12AM , GMT+8)


1. Eliza’s Sweetie Pie Costume from the “Sugar, Spice and Everything Vice” bundle will be available in the Premium Shop. The bundle contains a Costume, Weapon Skin and Vanity Skin.


1. Two limited-time packs, Eliza’s Debut Pack and Eliza’s Weapon Pack, will be available in the Shop. Get your hands on Eliza’s Hero Shards and Weapon from these bundles!

2. Grab the exclusive Three Kingdoms Hero Pack which features a Three Kingdoms Hero Selector, XP Potions and Omni-shards for a limited time!

3. Halloween is coming! Time to stock up on sweets and treats before the big day! Taking place from 7th – 28th October 2021, we will be releasing various Pre-Halloween bundles of great value! Be sure to swing by the Shop to grab deals on Summon Tickets, School Costume Selector, Halloween Battle Items and many more!


1. A new Battle Pass (BP) will start from 11 – 24 October 2021. Collect BP Points to level up your Battle Pass and earn free rewards with each level.

2. New Glory Battle Pass will start from 7 – 21 October 2021. Summon on the Eliza featured Hero Banner to earn points and exchange them for Glory Battle Pass rewards! Use Glory Battle Pass rewards to promote Eliza up to 7 stars!

3. New Loyalty Battle Pass will start from 7 – 21 October 2021. Collect Milestone points by spending on special event bundles and level up the pass to earn free rewards!

4. Eliza Advancement Calendar will be available from 7 – 21 October 2021, accessed through the Treasure tab. Obtain more resources such as Warrior Relics and Warrior Class Orbs to upgrade Eliza’s job classes.

5. Halloween Party Giveaway Calendar is available for the next 14 days. Remember to log in daily to collect all Gems, Event tokens and many exclusive Halloween Battle Items!


1. A new Guild Raid battle has been added. Please give it a try!

2. New items have been added to the Raid Shop, including the brand new Second Wind Skill Rune which automatically revives the hero equipping it once per battle (and only once) when his or her HP is depleted.

3. An update has been made to the Tower Debuff system. The Tower Debuff cap and hero debuff rates will now be measured in percentages. Challenge yourself and fight your way through the Tower today. (Excludes Event Tower)

4. Global Buff: Receive 100% extra Gold whenever you clear Story Campaign and Gold Dungeon stages and gain 100% more Tower Currency from Scavenging in the Savior’s Stairway tower!

5. Limited Global Buff time (14 – 21 October 2021) – Gain extra 50% ATK and DEF stats when you have Eliza in your squad, and extra 20% ATK and DEF stats when you have Zhuge Liang/Lu Bu/Cao Cao in your squad. These buffs are able to boost the power of the chosen heroes in the event’s Week 2 Boss Dungeon. Note: the Buff and amount are only applicable to these particular heroes only!

6. Active Skill Runes for Joan of Arc have been added to the Raid Shop. These yellow runes are able to boost the power of your hero’s Active Skills while granting a small boost to Critical Damage!


1. The limited-time event “Let’s Go Jenny” will end.

2. Jenny and Kalaar Heroes Featured Summon will be removed.

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