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Patch Notes 27/4


Greetings adventurers! Awakening is finally here!

Here are the changes we made in this patch: 

  1. Awakening has been activated for the following six heroes:
    Emilia (SSR), Altima (SSR), Mei Fang (SSR), Makoto (SR), Faye (SR), C.H.A.O.S. (SR). 
  2. Awakening Dungeons: The enemies in Pit of Waking Fire, Cave of Waking Water, and Shrine of Waking Earth will be changed from Awakened versions to their Unawakened forms. Please note, however, that in the future we may revert the enemies back to their Awakened versions to increase the challenge. 
  3. Updated Premium Shop: Awakening-related In-App Purchases (IAPs) have been added to the Premium Shop. 
  4. Maintenance Compensation: To thank you for being patient with us during maintenance, we will be sent to all players 300 gems as compensation. Please claim it from your in-game announcement mail

That’s all for the changes in this patch. 

If you missed our breakdown on the new Awakening feature previously, you can find out more about it in our Dev Blog here.

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We also look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions through our official Discord server or through the r/ShiningBeyond subreddit.

See you next time, brave adventurers of Feldria!

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