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Patch Notes 22/12


While Sonia and Athena are hard at work preparing for the Christmas Party, an old enemy has shown and is threatening to destroy and undo all their labor!

Adventurers! Take on this adversary in the ‘Holy Night of Duel’!

New Features

1. New Dungeon Available: Holy Night of Duel

2. Limited UR Hero: Emma Godric (UR)

3. Christmas Special Sale : 24-27 December 2020

4. Santa’s Snack Hunt: Collection Ladder starts from 22nd – 29th December

5. Special Step Up Summon: Red Witch Redemption

6. Limited-time Emma’s Debut Calendar


1. Introducing Feldria’s first UR Hero: Emma Godric! Simply log in everyday and head down to the Treasure tab to claim Special Summon tickets which can be used in Emma’s Summon Banner (Banner will be only available from 22-29 December 2020)

2. Red Witch Redemption – A special one-time Step Up Summon will be available to players to obtain Emma’s Hero Shards. Completing this Step Up Banner will give players all the materials they need to summon Emma!

3. For Featured Summon : Emma, Bonus Ascended Orbs are only given with Gem Summons. Players will only gain Milestone Points when Emma Summon Tickets are used.
We will be updating the information on the Featured Summon : Emma Banner to reflect this.

Limited Time Event

(22nd – 29th December 2020)

Event Hub is unlocked at Player Level 15
1. New Dungeon (Week 3: 22th – 29th December) : Holy Night of Duel will be available during the third week of the Event. Collect the Lost Maps from Felfir Grove or Campaign Story to access this Dungeon!

2. Santa’s Snack Hunt – Collect delicious Gingerbread Biscuit and reach to the top of the Ladder! Obtain awesome prizes such as Hero’s Costume, Hero’s Shard, Summon Tickets and many more from the race. Collection Ladder starts from 22nd – 29th December.

Event Shop and misc:
1. Special Christmas Event Shop: Collect the special Event Token (Christmas Candy, only available during Week 3) and exchange them in the Event Shop to get ultra-rare items such as Christmas Weapon Skin and Christmas Visage Vanity Skin!

2. New Event Forge Item: Ascended Acolyte Orb. Forge the Acolyte Orb to Promote Emma even further. You can obtain Acolyte Orb from Valianite Shop, Acolyte Class Spire as well as the Raid Shop.

3. Remember to claim from your mailbox Bonus Energy Meal Giveaways (3 times a day) during this event. For the Morning at 4am, Lunch at 12PM and Dinner at 8PM (GMT +8). We have added a third Meal Time Giveaway for our players from different time zones!

Note: Event Energy Token resets daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through Forge, please remember to use them before the daily reset time (every 12AM , GMT+8)


1. Limited time Weapon Skin for Leon, Lucille and Sonia available in the Event Shop. You can exchange your Christmas Candy to obtain the Limited Weapon Skill for them. Period to exchange 22nd – 29th December 2020


1. Christmas Special Sale starts from 24-27 Dec 2020 2:00 PM (GMT+8), We will be releasing special bundles of great value each day that are only valid for 24hrs each! Swing by the Shop on each day during this period to not miss out on this great deal.

2. Daily Christmas Surprise and Deluxe Surprise will available on Shop.Visit the Shop and grab your Christmas Present

3. Grab an event-exclusive Emma’s Packages on the Shop. All Emma’s packages are available for limited time only from 22-29 December 2020


1. Emma Debut Calendar: Simply Log in everyday to claim Emma’s summon ticket, Class Orb and Hero Shard ! Limited for 7 days only!

2. Limited Christmas Presents Giveaway from 24-26 December. Log in to these special dates to claim your Christmas Presents! Don’t miss them, Adventurers!

Bug Fixes and Changes

1. Friend – Friend List is not sorted by Last Login (Most Recent)

2. Chat – World Chat will now show New Hero from Summon Page

3. Chat – World chat now shows Tier List in front of the hero name when summoned

4. Tower – Tower keys will no longer reset down during the Daily reset if the keys are more than 3. (e.g 4/3 keys)

5. Guild – Daily Guild Join limit will be 30 players per day

6. Name – User IGN Rename limit will be 3 times per day

7. Forge – Niko is now added to the Hero Forge

8. Ladder – Story Ladder will now refresh every 5 minutes


1. Beretta Step-Up Summon has ended

Known Issue

1. There is a known issue with Emma’s 4* 3D model. This will be fixed with the next patch

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