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Before we delve into this week’s patch notes, we have two important announcements to make.

(1) ‘Awakening’ Feature Delayed

Due to an unforeseen issue we have discovered with the Awakening feature, we have decided to delay the release of this functionality for the six heroes previously announced to receive it: Emilia (SSR), Altima (SSR), Mei Fang (SSR), Makoto (SR), Faye (SR), and C.H.A.O.S. (SR).

In the meantime, however, players may begin clearing the newly added Daily Dungeons (which drop Awakening Elemental Essences, required to initiate and deepen Awakening) to stock up on materials.

We will announce the six heroes’ new Awakening release date next week, once details are ready.

(2) Paid/Free Gems Display

Moving forward, the game will now track your Free Gems (received from in-game activity) and Paid Gems (purchased from the Premium Shop) separately.

With that said, apart from the labelling, functionally-speaking Free Gems and Paid Gems will be treated as essentially the same thing. The only difference is that when purchasing an item with Gems, Paid Gems will be used up first.

(Update: At the moment, all Gems received from existing Premium Shop purchases are awarded as Free Gems and not Paid Gems.)

The free-to-play player experience is important to us, and we would like to clarify that we do not have any plans to implement items or bundles that can only be purchased with Paid Gems.

‘Tall Tales and Taller Abodes’

Event Synopsis

In the midst of business negotiations with the merchant Emiko, Cao Cao realizes her private abode is overrun with intruders who come seeking a treasure they’ve only heard rumours about. Team up with Emiko and Cao Cao to beat the intruders and scavenge as much as you can across Cao Cao’s tiers of treasures in the brand new Tower Event!

New Features

1. New Limited- Event: Tall Tales and Taller Abodes

2. Introducing New “Three Kingdoms” Rogue-class Hero: Cao Cao (SSR)

3. New Costume for Cao Cao (SSR) : Poolside Plotter Costume

4. Season 2 Story Campaign: Unlocked upon clearing Season 1 Story Campaign’s Stage 32-10 on Heroic difficulty.

5. Special Giveaway Calendar to celebrate new game feature: Awakening (14 Days)

6. Collection System: Receive permanent ATK, DEF and HP boosts to all your Heroes, by completing collection milestones!

7. Treasure Bounty: Send your Heroes off to perform various bounties, and claim glorious rewards when they return

8. Avatar Frames: Decorate your player profile with a stylish frame!

9. Brand new voice-overs: Re-done all of the Japanese voice-overs in Shining Beyond


1. Summon rates increased for Cao Cao (SSR) and Emiko (SSR)

Limited Time Event

(22nd April – 6th May 2021)

Event Hub is unlocked at Player Level 10

1. New Event Dungeon – “Bronze Sparrow Tower” Event Section has been updated. Participate in Event Tower missions, beating back intruders and scavenging as much as you can across Cao Cao’s tiers of treasures.

2. New Dungeon (Week 2 only: 29 April – 6 May 2021): Steel Tiger Gate will be available during the second week of the Event. Obtain War Tokens to access our special event dungeon when it opens. War Tokens can only be obtained by scavenging from the Event Tower

3. Updated Event Shop: Collect the special Event Tokens (Garnet Event Token) and exchange them in the Event Shop for the exclusive Emiko’s school costume, Class Orbs, Blood Drinker Gear Set, Event Tickets and many more!

4. Collection Ladder: Wartime Wins – Play Steel Tiger Gate Dungeon to obtain Event Ladder tokens to partake in the Collection Ladder. Obtain awesome prizes such as Cao Cao’s 8* Weapon, Class Orb Selector, Cao Cao’s Shards, and many more! Collection Ladder starts from 29 April – 6 May 2021.

5. Limited Buff time (Week 2: 29 April – 6 May 2021) – Gain 30% of Event token when you have Cao Cao in your squad and gain 15% of Event token when you have Emiko in your squad!

6. Limited-time Event Forge: Forge Blood Drinker Ring and Wings with Blood Shards and Core! Upgrade the gear from 4* to 7*, as well as the newest 8* in the Event Forge using Blood Shards and Blood Cores found as loot from the Event Missions.

7. Express Event – Players will be able to use express tickets on completed Event Stages to clear them as many times as you have Event Energy for. Please note that using the Express function on this event may lead to less rewards than with manual play, due to the event’s mechanics.
Note: Express tickets may only be used in the Steel Tiger Gate Dungeon. Bronze Sparrow Tower levels may only be cleared once to gain one-time Tower rewards for each floor cleared.

8. Remember to claim Bonus Energy Mealtime Giveaways (3 times a day) during this event from your Mailbox. Collect them in the morning from 4AM onwards, after lunch from 12PM onwards, and during dinner time from 8PM onwards (GMT +8).
Note: The Event Energy Token count resets daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through Forge, please remember to use them before the daily reset time (every day at 12AM , GMT+8)


1. Cao Cao’s Poolside Plotter Costume from the “In the Deep End” bundle will be available in the Premium Shop.

2. Faye’s School Costume will be available through the “Labor Day Costume Sale” bundle in the Premium shop (Flash Sale only on 1st May 2021)


1. Two limited-time packs, Cao Cao’s Debut Pack and Cao Cao’s Weapon Pack, will be available in the Shop. Get your hands on Cao Cao’s Hero Shards and Weapon from these bundles!

2. Grab the event-exclusive Daily War Treasure in the Shop, refreshed daily!

3. Daily War Trove and Deluxe War Trove will be available in Shop from 29th April – 6th May 2021. Visit the Shop and check out these bundles to obtain more War Chests to reach the top of the Ladder faster!

4. Get ready for our three-day Labor day sale, taking place from 1st to 3rd May 2021! During this period, we will be releasing various flash sales and special bundles of great value! Be sure to swing by the Shop to grab deals on Hephaestus Hammers, Tool Kits, Hero Weapon Selectors, Class Orb Selectors, and Faye’s School Costume!

5. New limited-time Treasure Bounty Map Pack will be available in the Premium Shop! Grab the Premium Map to perform various bounties and claim rewards and resources that will help you with hero advancements and Awakening!

6. Weekend Flash Sales will be making a return, offering up various important resources such as Class Relic Selectors, XP Potions, Dungeon Keys, Class Orbs, Rune Dust, and Gear Dust to aid you on your journey in Feldria. Visit the shop every Saturday and Sunday to find these exclusive one-time bundles!

Battle Pass

1. New Glory Battle Pass will start from 22 April- 6 May 2021. Summon on the Cao Cao featured Hero Banner to earn points and exchange them for Glory Battle Pass rewards! Use Glory Battle Pass rewards to level Cao Cao up to 7 stars!

2. Obtain a Rogue Class Orb in “Rogue Advancement” Calendar (paid) to promote your Rogue-class heroes to your desired jobs and make them stronger! Calendar Bundle will be available to purchase from 22 April – 6 May 2021!


1. Introducing Treasure Bounty: Send your Heroes off to perform various bounties, and claim glorious rewards when they return once the job is done! Players will also be given access to a set number of bounties each day, the number of which depends on your Player Level (beginning at Player Level 30).

2. A special Giveaway Calendar is available for the entire event period (22 April – 6 May 2021) to celebrate the new feature: Awakening! Remember to log in daily to collect all the fantastic rewards such as Awakening Materials, Gems, Event Token, SSR Ticket, Potion, War Chest and Class Orb Chest!

3. Global Buff: Receive 20% extra experience points (XP) and 25% extra Gear Dust whenever you clear Story Campaign stages! (Active period: 22 April – 13 May 2021)

4. Active Hero Skill Runes for Zerye have been added to Raid Shop. These yellow runes are able to boost the power of your hero’s Active Skills while granting a small boost to Critical Damage!

5. Arena Milestone Rewards have been reset for all players.

6. A player’s total Gems count has now been split into Free Gems and Paid Gems pools. Functionally, Paid Gems and Free Gems are treated as essentially the same thing, with the only difference being that the game will deduct Gems spent from the Paid Gems pool first. Do note that all current Premium Shop bundles award Free Gems at the moment

Bug Fixes and Changes

1. Battle Pass – Having a claimable battle pass reward will no longer show a red dot notification for all battle passes.

2. Battle Pass – Claiming a battle pass reward will no longer centre the display to the top available battle pass.

3. Battle Pass – Fixed an issue where a new Battle Pass does not replace an expired Battle Pass unless the player restarts the game.

4. Battle Pass – Fixed an achievement display issue that occurred when players hit a level milestone in a Gold Battle Pass.

5. Battle Animation – Fixed an issue for all Archer Heroes. While they are invisible with the Archer Trigger rune equipped, they will no longer have sprite issues with their crit attack animation.

6. Splash Screen – Forced update banner will now show correctly in all non-English languages.

7. Item – After viewing a Weapon Skin, tapping on a Costume will now show the Costume preview correctly

8. Battle – Buffs will now take into account a Hero’s base stats instead of buffed stat values, to prevent players from being able to buff Hero stats exponentially within a single battle encounter

9. Quest – Fixed a display issue when attempting to view a Living Weapon Skill from a Kalaar Hero’s weapon from Quest.

10. Tower – Scavenge Reward will now give the correct Tower token as shown in Scavenge Preview

11. Guild – Guild Quest will now update correctly after daily reset while the player is in a game session during reset time.

12. World Raid – Living Weapons expiring/dying will no longer affect the HP display on Team1/2/3 HP gauges in the World Raid

13. Cutscene – The [NEXT] Button while viewing cutscenes will now switch to the correct in-game language if the player is playing the game in a non-English language.

14. World Raid – Updated the text on the World Raid main banner display

15. Hero Job – Fixed a display issue with the requirement for a Hero to unlock a 3rd Job

16. Battle – Having a Living Weapon expire/die will no longer cause a no Hero death Trial to fail in Events or Campaign.

17. Battle – Fixed an issue where Hero Skills that have a debuff effect was previously performing less than the correct %.

18. Arena – The issue that caused Arena Mastery to provide less than the correct % of extra damage and damage received has been fixed. Teams with Arena Heroes should be performing better in Arena

19. Arena – In Arena, Heroes on Auto/Manual Skill Queuing will now correctly cast a skill if there is only one enemy Hero remaining

20. Arena – The Post-Battle Screen for Arena will now display the correct total number of Arena Tokens won.


1. Item – Energy Chests will no longer show a red notification dot

2. Summon – Hero summon achievements will now appear at the end of the summon animation, so as not to prematurely reveal to players new Heroes unlocked.

3. Item – Players can now claim on selectors without tapping 1 or + to redeem the item.

4. Settings – Players are now able to turn off battle shake effect in Settings

5. Chat – Guild Chat will now last for 24 hours

6. Arena – The stage that Arena battles are played on has been changed to a smaller one.

7. Friend List – Players can now tap on invite all or accept all in their friend list

8. Settings – Players can now hide all buff icons on screen in all battle modes via options for increased visibility

9. UI – During battle, players can tap on the right side of the screen to show or hide Trials. This setting will now persist after battle.

10. Hero – In the Hero list, the game will no longer automatically bookmark Jake, Seraphina, Arisa, Winry as “Focus Heroes” (which can be toggled on/off by hitting the heart mark on the upper-right corner of a hero’s portrait) for new players.

11. Title Screen – The game’s title screen artwork will be changed.

12. Hero – New voice-overs for all Heroes will be added.

13. Guild Armory – Season 2 6* Gear pieces have been added to the Armory Shop.


1. The limited-time event “Feaster Egg Hunt” will end (22nd April 11AM GMT+8)

2. Event Shop will be closed on 27th April 2021 (12AM GMT+8).

3. Zerye’s Featured Summon and Tower Feature SSR Summon will be removed.

4. Bunnies and Carrot Collection Ladder Event will end. Do remember to claim your rewards through the in-game mail before the collection period ends. Reward Collection Period: From 22-27 April 2021 (12AM GMT+8)

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