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Patch Notes 10/02


Key Highlights

1. New Limited-Time Event: Season of Love

2. Introducing New Archer-class Hero: Celeste (UR)

3. New Hero Awakening: Earth Element – Emiko (SSR)

4. Celeste’s New Costume: Judicium Divinum Costume will be available in Fashion Shop; Vanity and Weapon Skin can be obtained from Battle Pass

5. Clan Battle Returns (10 – 24 February 2022)! Pick a clan: Celeste, Emma or Tatiana.
Note: Join a clan before engaging in activities to avoid losing out on Clan points!

6. Seasonal Arena returns: Available from 17 – 24 February 2022

7. Bingo Minigame (24 February – 3 March 2022): Complete the Bingo Board and obtain an 8* Hephaestus Hammer, Class Orbs, Relics and the grand prize – a Royal SSR Ticket!

8. Celeste Debut Giveaway Calendar: Obtain free Celeste Summon Tickets to summon on Celeste’s Banner, Omni-shards, XP Potions by login everyday!

9. Login Calendar Giveaway: Valentine’s Giveaway. Obtain FREE Valentine Avatar Frame on Day 10.


1. Celeste (UR) Featured Summon Banner: Summon rates increased for Celeste in this banner. (Active Period: 10 – 24 February 2022)

2. Step Up Summon for Dark Disciple – Eliza Kingsley. Players who complete this Step Up Summon will obtain Eliza Hero Shards. (Active Period: 10 – 24 February 2022)

3. Rising Sun Summon Banner. The only SSR heroes included in this banner are Shizu (SSR), Oda (SSR) and Miu (SSR)! What’s more, summon rates are increased for Izumi (SR), Makoto (SR), Natsumi (SR) in this banner. Active Period: 10 – 17 February 2022

4. Emiko (SSR) Featured Summon Banner. Summon rates increased for Emiko (SSR) in this featured banner. Active Period: 10 February – 3 March 2022

Limited Time Event

(10 February – 3 March 2022)

Event Hub is unlocked at Player Level 10

1. Clan Battle – After joining a clan, players can earn points by spending gems, summoning on available banners, and completing event and story missions.

How to Play:

1a. Players will pick one of three clans to join: Celeste, Tatiana or Emma

1b. Choose your clan carefully! Once you have joined a Clan, you are unable to switch to another Clan and must stick to your chosen clan until the end of the event.

1c. Players will gain clan contribution points from basic actions, as well as daily quests found within the clan page.

1d. Completing all clan daily quests for the day will award players with the clan’s daily milestone chest reward. Clan Daily Quests can be accessed from the Clan Battle page on the Events hub.

1e. If players miss a particular day’s clan daily milestone chest reward, they may purchase the missed rewards with gems.

1f. The clan with the highest amount of contribution points wins. Rewards will be given out to each player after the Clan Battle Ladder ends based on their Clan’s ranking, as well as their own personal ranking within the Clan

2. Week 1 event dungeon: Fields of Resplendence will be available from 10 – 24 February 2022

3. Week 2 Master Challenge: Trial of Heroes will be available from 17 – 24 February 2022.Put yourself to the test as you face off against the UR Heroes (Nefariel, Celeste, Tatiana, Emma).

Master Challenge Keys will be required to challenge the Trial of Heroes, and up to 2 such keys can be redeemed using event tokens in the event shop. The key will only be used up when you’ve successfully cleared the trial, and any unused Master Challenge Keys can be saved up and carried over to future Master Challenge stages.

4. Week 3 event dungeon: Vault of Lamentation is available from 24 February – 3 March 2022. Defeat enemies and collect Bingo Tickets to use in the Bingo Board minigame and obtain resources like XP Potions, Job Relics, Class Orbs, Ascended Class Orbs and even Omnishards.

5. Event Shop: Exchange Terra Event Tokens to obtain Olivia’s Date Night Costume, Master Keys (only until 24 February), Celeste Summon Tickets, Archer Class Orbs, Tailwind Gear Set, Relics and many more!

Please note that excess Terra Event Tokens unused at the end of the event will be removed after the Event Shops have closed.

6. Seasonal Arena will be available from 17 – 24 February 2022. Set up three squads of four heroes each, and take them to the Seasonal Arena for an all-out best-of-3-rounds brawl against other players’ teams! You can obtain additional Seasonal Arena Energy for more tries from the Event Shop between 17 – 24 February 2022.

6a. Seasonal Arena Shop: Use your Seasonal Arena Points here to buy rare treasures! Points can be accumulated across seasons (and saved up for future redemptions) but Seasonal Arena Shop item quantities will be refreshed at the start of each season.

7. Event Exclusive Gears: Upgrade the Tailwind Set from 4* to 8* in the Event Forge using Formless Shards and Gust Cores found as loot from the Event Missions.– only way is to buy from the event shop.

8. Event Hero Stat Boost:

8a. ATK and DEF Boost (10 – 24 February 2022):
Celeste will temporarily gain an additional 50% in ATK and DEF stats, while the heroes Tatiana and Emma will gain an additional 20% ATK and DEF stats when deployed for combat in the Week 1 “Fields of Resplendence” and Week 2 “Trial of Heroes” dungeons.

8b. Event Tokens (10 – 24 February 2022):
Gain 30% extra Event Tokens when you have Celeste in your squad and gain 10% extra event tokens each when you have Emma/Tatiana in your squad! Include them all, and stack your bonuses to gain up to 50% extra Event Tokens each time you’re clearing the Week 1 “Fields of Resplendence” dungeon.

9. Express Event – Players will be able to use Express Tickets on completed Event Stages to clear them as many times as you have Event Energy for. Please note that using the Express function on this event may lead to less rewards than with manual play, due to the event’s mechanics.

10. Remember to claim Bonus Energy Mealtime Giveaways (3 times a day) during this event from your Mailbox. Collect them in the morning from 4AM onwards, after lunch from 12PM onwards, and during dinner time from 8PM onwards (GMT +8).

Note: The Event Energy Token count resets daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through Forge, please remember to use them before the daily reset time (every day at 12AM , GMT+8)


1. Celeste’s “Judicium Divinum” Costume is available from the “Celestial Constitution” bundle in the Shop.

2. Celeste’s Vanity and Weapon Skin are available as rewards in the paid tier of the new Battle Pass, available from 14 – 28 February 2022 12AM (GMT+8) and accessible via the Treasure menu.

3. Miu’s Halloween Costume from the “Vengeful Possession” bundle has returned to the Shop. Bundle includes Miu’s Weapon and Vanity Skin (10 – 17 February 2022)

4. Oda Nobunaga’s Senbonzakura Costume from the “Sakura Zensen” bundle will be available in the Shop during this event period. (10 – 17 February 2022)

5. Shizu’s School Costume has returned for a limited time! Check out the limited costume bundle “Nothing but Net” in the Shop. (10 – 17 February 2022)

6. Olivia’s Date Night Costume will be available in the Event Shop for a limited time. Exchange your extra Event Tokens and claim her costume before the event ends.

Shop I (10 – 24 February 2022)

1. Limited time 3 Days Valentine’s Sale, featuring Cupid Wings and Chocolate Bunnies, starts from 14 – 17 February 2022 12AM. The sale will last for 3 days only, so be sure to check it out!

2. Pop-up ”UR Hero Booster” bundle: This special bundle containing 1,000 Gems, 25 Ascended Archer Orbs, 50 7★ XP Potions and 200 Celeste hero shards will pop up and remain for 7 days once you’ve successfully summoned Celeste.
3. Two limited-time packs, Celeste’s Beginner Pack and Celeste’s Intermediate Pack, will be available in the Shop. Get your hands on Celeste hero shards, Ascended Archer Orbs and even Archer Dungeon Key from these — and other Celeste’s bundles to grab from Shop!

4. Obtain extra Earth Elemental Essences from the Shop to upgrade your Earth Element Heroes. Earth Essences Packs and Grand Pack will be available from 10 – 17 February 2022

5. Taking place from 10 – 17 February 2022, we will be releasing special Awakening key bundles where you can obtain more keys to access the Daily Awakening Dungeon.

6. Need extra Seasonal Arena Energy? From 17 – 24 February 2022, grab the event-exclusive Seasonal Arena Energy Bundle in the Shop, refreshed daily!

7. Job Booster Packs, which include Relic Selectors (5★ to 7★ rarities), are available in the Shop from 17 – 24 February 2022.

Shop II (24 February – 3 March 2022)

1. Rune bundles that feature 6★ and 7★ Rune Selectors, available from 24 February – 3 March 2022

2. Grab the Summon Bundle in the Shop for more Event Summon Tickets! Available from 24 February – 3 March 2022

3. Gear Bundles will be available in the Shop from 24 February – 3 March 2022. Obtain 7★ Hephaestus Tool Kits or Hephaestus Hammers, Gear Dust and Selective Reforge Tickets to upgrade your Gear!


1. Valentine’s Giveaway login calendar is available during the event periods. Remember to log in daily to collect all Gems, Event Summon Ticket and a Valentine Avatar Frame on Day 10.

2. A new Battle Pass (BP) containing Celeste’s Weapon Skin and Vanity Skin will run from 14 – 28 February 2022 midnight (GMT+8). Collect BP Points to level up your Battle Pass and earn free rewards with each level. Receive Class Orb Selectors and 7* Hephaestus Hammers under the Free rewards section; and Celeste’s Weapon and Vanity Skin, also 7* Hephaestus Toolkit as part of the Paid rewards

3. Celeste Gem Battle Pass will start from 10 – 24 February 2022. Spend Gems anywhere to level up the Gem Battle Pass and receive more rewards including Celeste Hero Summon Tickets, Celeste Hero Shards and Ascended Archer Orbs!

4. New Loyalty Battle Pass will start from 10 February – 3 March 2022. Collect Milestone points by spending on special event bundles and level up the pass to earn free rewards!

5. Celeste Advancement Calendar will be available for purchase from 10 – 24 February 2022, accessed through the Treasure tab. Obtain more Archer Relics and Ascended Archer Orbs here to upgrade Celeste!

6. Celeste’s Debut Giveaway login calendar is available for the next 14 days. Remember to log in daily to collect all Gems, Omni-shards and even Celeste’s Hero Summon Tickets!

7. Emiko Glory Battle Pass will start from 10 February – 3 March 2022. Summon on Emiko’s Featured Hero Summon Banner using Gems to gain Glory points and level up the Glory Battle Pass for rewards… such as XP Potions, Archer Class Orbs, and Job Relics!


1. Active Buff: Receive 100% extra Gold and 100% XP Potion whenever you clear Daily Gold Dungeon during this event period (10 February – 3 March 2022)

2. Active Buff II: Receive 100% extra Hero XP whenever you clear Story Campaign during this event period (10 February – 3 March 2022)

3. Awaken Material Buff: Receive 100% extra Awakening essence whenever you clear the Awakening Daily Dungeon (Fire, Water, Earth) during the event period from 10 – 17 February 2022

4. Active Skill Runes for Snow White have been added to the Raid Shop. These yellow runes are able to boost the power of your hero’s Active Skills while granting a small boost to Critical Damage!

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