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Greetings to you adventurers!

We know you have been waiting for this, (and yes!) we have great news for you!

We’re proud to announce that the Global Launch for Shining Beyond on 26th November! Shining Beyond will be available not only on the Google Play Store  but also on Apple  App Store!

Be assured that all save data and progress from your account  in the OBT Server will be carried forward to the official launch!

Are you prepared to lead Jake and his allies to rise up and battle evil?

Join us on the Discord Channel and be sure to check out for our newest FAQ on Discord Channel! Stay tuned to our page for amazing news & exciting events!

For more information about the game, please refer to the following official pages!
Official Facebook Page:
Official Discord Channel:

Pre-registration is still available, make sure to register to get the ultimate reward, the super exclusive Immortal’s Valor Wings!
Pre-register now!

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