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Today we’ve got a huuuuuge news for you!!
We are very excited to announce that the OBT will open on August 27th. Only one more week to go!

This is our last test before our global launch! Unlike previous CBTs, your memories of your journey in Feldria will be saved during this OBT. All save data and progress generated in this final test will be carried forward to the official release!

All in-game features and content will be available during this OBT, with no progress cap. The sky’s the limit! Lead Jake and his allies to be victorious against evil.

Are you ready to join Jake, Olivia and their allies on this epic adventure? A new world is shining beyond the horizons just waiting for you to explore; mobilize your forces and join the battle!

Look for our FAQ and leave your comments! FAQ:

Check out our Developer Update link here for more information!

For more information about the game, please refer to the following official pages!
Official Pre-registration Website:
Official Facebook Page:

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