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Introducing Awakening, a brand new way to power up the offensive and defensive capabilities of your favorite existing Heroes in Shining Beyond!

To initiate Awakening on a Hero, you will need to meet the following requirements:

– Players must be at least Player Level 40 (so that your Heroes can reach Lv. 100).

– The Hero must have been promoted to 7* rarity, and reached Hero Lv. 100

– You possess the required number of 3* Elemental Essences and 500,000 Gold to initiate the Awakening process

Once an eligible Hero has been Awakened, the Hero will become attuned to one of three Elemental Alignments — Fire, Water or Earth Mastery. Each Hero’s Elemental Alignment is predetermined, and will be revealed once Awakening is available for the character.

Please note that each Element Alignment has a corresponding element that it is strong or weak against.

You can check out more info on Hero Awakening by tapping (?) on the upper-right-hand corner of the Awakening Page. There you will find more details on Elemental Alignment, Elemental Dynamics and more.

Obtain the Elemental Essences

Once a hero has been Awakened, you’ll be able to level up the hero’s offensive and defensive Awakening nodes by spending Elemental Essences and Gold. These Elemental Essences can be earned by clearing the following new Daily Dungeons:

– The Pit of Waking Fire (Fire Elemental Essence)

– Cave of Waking Water (Water Elemental Essence)

– Shrine of Waking Earth (Earth Elemental Essence)

Other ways to obtain Elemental Essences include through login bonuses, premium Shop and Special Events

Artifact Gear Slot is unlocked at Player Level 42

Once you have fully upgraded both skill trees (Offence and Defence), and you’ll receive an exclusive Hero Artifact specific to the hero that will grant the use of both Final Awakening Passive Skills when equipped to another Hero’s Artifact Gear Slot! You can obtain the Hero Artifact Gear through under the Quest menu (Quest > All Time > Hero Quest).

For instance, in this example of Faye below, after she is equipped with Altima’s Artifact, not only will Faye gain more stats but also Altima’s Offensive Skill and Defensive Passive Skill

Hero Artifact can be equipped onto any hero available, even if they are not awakened.
Note: Heroes will not be able to increase their own Awakening Offensive and Defensive Passive Skill levels by equipping their own artifacts. (Example: Faye equipping her own Artifact after she is fully awakened)


Treasure Bounty is unlocked at Player Level 30

You can find the Treasure Bounty icon on the left side of the landing page, replacing the Archive icon (Archive Icon has been moved to the 三 on the right corner above the main hud.)

Bounties and Maps

Players will be given access to 3-4 bounties each day (refreshed daily) to send your Heroes off to perform various bounties. As your Player level increases, the number of bounties you can access will increase as well.

Deploy your heroes based on the requirements needed (example: Requires 3 heroes to be 3* and above) to the bounties that you would like to receive the rewards for. Once the bounty is deployed, you will only need to wait to claim the glorious rewards when your heroes return once the job is done!

If you would like to free up a deployed hero for use in another bounty, you can always Speed Up the existing bounty but it will cost some Gems. The cost will increase depending on how much you’d like to speed up the bounty by.

When you have cleared all the bounties for the day, you can add more (maximum of 20) by using Premium Maps. There are Silver and Gold Maps that you can use to generate high rarity bounties which gives you more valuable rewards. Currently you can only obtain Premium maps from the Premium Shop.

Treasures and Rewards

In general, the rewards you’ll to collect via Treasure Bounties will be precious resources that will be a great boon with hero advancement and Awakening, such as Gear Dust, Elemental Essences, Gems and many more. The higher the rank of bounties that you deploy, the better the rewards!


Where to find Collection

Under the 3D Icon, you will find (+) icon. Tap the icon to find a “book” icon. Tap on that icon, and you will be directed to the Collection page.

About Collection:

Heroes and Costumes have been sorted into various sets of two to four items each. Collection milestones are marked in your collection whenever you summon a new Hero, promote them to higher rarity levels, or whenever you’ve acquired a new Hero Costume.

To receive a Set Bonus, you have to complete the whole set of heroes with the requirement needed to activate a greater buff. From example below, players must have Freya, Shizu, Kane and Lucille reach 3 stars to receive ATK+10.

Once you’ve completed the requirement for a set bonus, you can collect the buff. This buff is permanent and applies to all current and future Heroes you own. Whenever you promote your heroes or complete the set of heroes required for a collection, more buffs will be activated and automatically added to all of your owned heroes!

Similar to the Heroes Collection, all the collected costumes you own based on a set bonus requirement (once completed) will earn you a permanent Buff for all heroes you own.

Once Collection System milestones have been marked as completed, the awarded permanent stat boosts will remain even if you sell the costume of previously collected Hero Costumes later.

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