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Event Guide: Plumbing the Depths


Team up with Altima, Narsha and Zack to traverse underground depths and retrieve the memento that has been stolen by loot goblins and leprechauns!

As usual, I, Satsuki will be your guide to help you get through the Leprechaun Hold event stages! Check out the details below, and let us know on our official Discord server or Facebook fan page if you have any questions!

Basics Information: 

1. Your player level needs to be at Player Level 15 to unlock the Event. The new dungeon “Leprechaun Hold” will then be available to enter.

2. There are three difficulties that you can take on: Normal, Heroic and Legendary. To enter deeper into the underground depths and clear the harder stages, we recommend that players reach at least Player Level 50.

3. Remember to check the Event Quest tab for Special Milestones! Clear all milestone quests and receive extra rewards!

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Once you arrive at the underground, you will encounter some Goblin minions that try to block your way to an even deeper room. Defeat them at all cost in pursuit of retrieving Altima’s lost item!

Step 2: In every room beyond the Spawn Room, there will be a Treasure Chest Event awaiting you. Open the chest to fight the Goblins and obtain various rewards including Event Tokens and Event Wishing Tokens.

Step 3: Not only will the Goblins stand in your way, but a Leprechaun Boss will try to defeat your squad. Hunt them down within the time limit to clear the mission!

Step 4: Altima and the others spots another Dungeon accessible only via a portal yet it is shrouded with an ominous aura. The team will have to investigate later and find a suitable offering to find out  (Wyrm’s Lair will open during the Week 2 of the Event. Collect Green Beers to access our special event dungeon when it opens. These Green Beers can be collected from Event Missions)

Step 5: Leprechaun Hold Dungeon will be available for the duration of these 3 Weeks Event for players to enter to gain extra rewards!

Step 6: Last but not least, visit the Event Shop to trade the 4 Leaf Clover that you’ve obtained from the missions for special and exclusive loot! Remember, the items are only available in limited quantities, so make sure you exchange them before the event ends.


1. Event Energy Token resets daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through the Forge, please remember to consume them before it disappears on the next day (daily reset 12AM, GMT+8)

2. Event Currency Drop Up: Including Narsha or Altima in your squad will give you a bonus on event item drops!

3. Express Event – Players will be able to use express tickets on completed Event Stages to clear them as many times as you have Event Energy for. Please note that using the Express function on this event may lead to less rewards than with manual play, due to the event’s mechanics.

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