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Event Guide: Feaster Egg Hunt


Below you will find a useful Event Guide from your favorite administrator, Satsuki!
Do check out the details and let us know on our official Discord server or Facebook fan page if you have any questions!

Basics Information: 

1. Your player level needs to be at Player Level 10 to unlock the Event. The new dungeon “Dragonswamp” will then be available to enter.

2. There are three difficulties that you can take on: Normal, Heroic and Legendary. To enter deeper into the underground depths and clear the harder stages, we recommend that players reach at least Player Level 50.

3. Remember to check the Event Quest tab for Special Milestones! Clear all milestone quests and receive extra rewards!

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Once you arrive at the Dragonswamp dungeons, you will encounter some Dragon minions who will try to block your way and prevent you from progressing further. Defeat them at all costs!

Step 2: Since Easter is near, not only will the Dragons stand in your way, but a Giant Bunny Boss will try to defeat your squad. Defeat the boss within the time limit to clear the mission!

Step 3: Aside from the Dragonswamp dungeon, there is another Dungeon awaiting any adventurer who would like to challenge the former Red Witch, Emma and The Dark King, Nefariel. You can access this dungeon by using the Master Challenge Key, redeemable from the Event Shop.

Step 4: Both dungeon stages will be available for all three weeks of the event period, for players to enter and earn more rewards!

Step 5: Last but not least, visit the Event Shop to trade the Event tokens you’ve obtained from missions for special and exclusive loot! These items are only available in limited quantities, so make sure to exchange them before the event ends!


1. Event Energy Tokens reset daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through the Forge, please remember to consume them before it disappears on the next day (daily reset at 12AM, GMT+8)

2. Event Currency Drop Up: Including Zerye or Jenny in your squad will give you a bonus on event item drops!

3. Master Challenge Key – You can obtain this special key only from Event Shop by exchanging the Event Token (Easter Egg)

4. Express Event – Players will be able to use express tickets on completed Event Stages to clear them as many times as you have Event Energy for. Please note that using the Express function on this event may lead to less rewards than with manual play, due to the event’s mechanics.

Collection Ladder Guide
(1st – 22nd April 2021)

Bunny and Carrots – Collection Ladder Event

With Easter Day coming up this week, everyone has gotten their hands full with the event preparation, including Jenny, Zerye and Faye. In this event, we have prepared another ladder competition! Obtain as much as Carrots from the Bunny Baskets and race to the top of the ladder!

Check out the tips and tricks below on how to obtain Bunny Baskets:

Special Dungeon Carrot Hunt

Once the Collection Ladder period has begun, you may notice that a new item (Bunny Basket) has a chance of dropping from clearing Campaign Mode stages. Higher difficulty stages in Campaign Mode will also have better drop rates for Bunny Basket and other important items.

To progress further and unlock higher difficulty stages in Campaign Mode, we recommend including heroes with Adventure Mastery in your party as they provide a team-wide buff. Some examples of heroes with Adventure Mastery include Jake, Cecil, Gordon, and C.H.A.O.S

For more details on Adventure Mastery, please refer to the information contained within the aforementioned heroes’ Skill Tab.


To participate in Collection Ladder, you first have to reach Level 10 to unlock the Event. The Collection Ladder period is from 1st – 22nd April 2021

After obtaining a Bunny Basket from a Campaign stage, open them from your Item Bag to find out what kind of Tokens you’ve received. Here are some examples of what you may find contained within:

1. Carrot. The collected Carrots will be added into the Collection Ladder leaderboards where players will compete to see who can collect the most

2. Zerye’s Shards which can be used to summon Zerye for your squad.

3. Easter Egg – You can use this Event Token to exchange for valuable items in the Event Shop including Master Challenge Key!

4. 5* Silver Egg which may contain 6* Gold Egg, Valianite, Hammer or Class Orb Chest

5. 6* Gold Egg which may contain 7* Crystal Egg, Event Hero Tickets, Omni Shards and many more.

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