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Event Guide: Bearable Bonds


Below you will find a useful Event Guide from your favorite administrator, Satsuki! Do check out the details and let us know on our official Discord server or Facebook fan page if you have any questions!

The Basics: 

1. Your player level needs to be at Player Level 15 to unlock the Event. The new dungeon “Wandering Forest” will then be available to enter.

2. There are three difficulties that you can take on: Normal, Heroic and Legendary. Before delving into the harder difficulty stages (Heroic and Legendary nodes), we recommend that players get to at least Player Level 50 for smoother progression.

3. Remember to check the Event Quest tab for Special Milestones! Clear all milestone quests and receive extra rewards!

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Get ready to face off against entire hordes of wild animals! The forest (dungeon rooms) are lined with bears, hawks, snakes and more. Your mission is to defeat as many as you can. Try your best to survive!

Step 2: While exploring the dungeon rooms, keep an eye out for mysterious curse-inflicting Totem statues. Activating a Totem will cause your team to suffer for 120 seconds either the Silence (Heroes are unable to use Active Skills) and Vulnerable (increases damage taken by 30%) debuffs, or the Plagued (reduces healing received by 30%) and ATK Down (reduced by 30%) effects. Should you decide to bear the curse, however, these Totems will reward you greatly with extra Event Tokens. So brace yourself for a tough battle ahead!

Step 3: You may also encounter Healing Shrines on your way through the forest! When your team has suffered a significant HP loss, do try to look for Shrines that can help you regain some energy before pressing on!

Step 4: When you finally come face-to-face with this dungeon’s boss enemy, the Guardian of the Forest (Polar Bear), do note that you will have to defeat at least 2 of them within time limits to finish the quest! As you’ll find out, these ferocious beasts can be quite threatening — after all, they are not referred to as “Guardians” for no apparent reason. Do take heed, Adventurers!

Step 5: Last but not least, visit the Event Shop to trade the Dawn Event Tokens that you’ve obtained from the missions for special and exclusive loot! Remember though, that the items are only available in limited quantities. So make sure to exchange for these items before the event ends.


– The Curse Totems are mystical yet dangerous statues. Beware of the Cursed Totems that will inflict harmful effects, if you turn on the auto function, Cursed Totems will automatically be activated, so be sure to proceed with caution!

– The Event Energy Token count resets daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through Forge, please remember to consume them before it disappears on the next day (daily reset 12AM, GMT+8)

– Yasha can only be obtained via Yasha’s featured summon banner.

– Featured hero bonus: Including Yasha or Lucille in your squad can lead to higher chances of event item drops!

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