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Dear Players,

First and foremost, we would like to express a most sincere thank you to players who have downloaded Shining Beyond from all over the world. Thank you for making our Global Launch such a successful one!

We have been collecting and listening to feedback and suggestions from all our players and fans through our social media channels and customer service support since the Global Launch.

A number of players have expressed their concerns and raised up some relevant issues on these channels, and we are listening closely to them. The studio would like to give a big shout out to all players who’ve been patient and understanding as we are doing our utmost to evaluate and fix these issues.

We are taking care to make sure that fixing/balancing the game in one area do not adversely affect other parts of the game. We understand that our solutions may not resolve all current issues within the game, and may not be able to address everyone’s area of concern. We are sorry if we are not addressing the issue that you have currently with the game, but be assured that the studio is doing our best to serve our players.

The studio has high expectations for Shining Beyond and we know that Shining Beyond still has room to improve to fit our expectation as a IDLE Action RPG game. It is our hope that every player can enjoy playing Shining Beyond and have the best possible experience.

Before we move into the gist of this Development Blog, we would like to acknowledge and share some concerns that have been raised by the community.

Summon Banners’ Display Rate

Currently the game only displays the summon rate for each rarity category (R,SR,SSR) and players do not know the actual featured hero summon rate in the banner. We are working on changing the UI to display this extensive information (which would require an app update) but for the time being, we will be listing the full rates of certain Featured Hero Summons in our patch notes. This rate will be able to be viewed in-game with our next app update in Early Q1 2021.

Skill Priority System

Players have experienced with the current Auto Skills system that with the rotation of heroes’ skill when skill “Auto” is toggled, the AI system will always auto rotate from each Hero from left to right in order of all Skill 1, followed by Skill 2 and then Skill 3. Because each Acolyte’s Skill 1 may not necessarily be a healing skill, the auto skill rotation might look less effective in this case.

We do have a system in place that allows players to manually sequence or ‘add in’ the skills in combat even when the skill “Auto” is toggled which allows players to handle more difficult missions.

We are also planning to do a pre-battle Skills Queue System so that players do not need to set the skill sequences each time they enter the battle. We are currently working on this feature and it will be implemented in mid 2021.

Reduce Dampening Stats for Story Mode

During OBT testing, OBT players gave feedback that the Story Campaign modes were too easy for their heroes and that they no longer feel that the Story Mode had ‘sense’ of challenge to them. Our solution to address this lack of sense of challenge for more experienced players and without affecting the progression and pace of new players was to implement the Dampening System.

1. Normal Mode: No Dampening is applied at all as we wish players to complete the story without any Stats dampening.
2. Heroic Mode (25% Dampening): To introduce players to the Dampening System while also providing a small amount of added difficulty.
3. Legendary Mode (50% Dampening): To provide players with an added challenge and difficulty.
4. Master Mode (75% Dampening): Master mode is meant for very high level Hero teams (9*/10* Heroes with advanced jobs and equipment Stats), we wish to recognize players who went the extra mile to re-spec their heroes and optimized their teams to clear these stages. We do not recommend for players to “Auto” in Master Mode as Master Mode is designed to be extremely difficult.

The original intention of the Dampening System

Once every player has maxed out their advanced stats to 100%, they would have reached the end of their Heroes’ Progression, nullifying any type of gameplay design for players in the future. Players can easily counter every system implementation with max advanced stats, and this ‘lack of challenge’ issue will be prominent, once again.

To deal with this situation, we pushed this dampening system to encourage players to keep building their heroes and to try on more various and interesting battle strategies and not miss out the fun in this game.

We will continue to work on the balance for the game, to meet the expectations of all sides as we are currently considering lowering the Dampening percentage in Season 1 once Season 2 Campaign is available.

Illegal Players, APK Mod and Cheaters

Since OBT, we have received reports from our player community about cheaters and players using mod tools. We have recorded and investigated each of them and are aware of what these cheating tools can do. We want to stress that Shining Beyond has ZERO tolerance toward any kind of cheating behavior and we will not hesitate to ban accounts verified to be cheating or hacking.

Our team has started a server-wide check for suspicious cheaters and modders in the last 2 week. We have banned 34 players in the week of 14-18 December and another 47 players last week. We will be performing regular systematic checks to ensure a fair gaming environment for all players.

Should any suspicious player be spotted, please do not hesitate to contact us via any channel.

Please be assured that we take this issue very seriously and cherish all your efforts to keep the game a clean and fair one. If this situation changes we will also upgrade our counter-cheating measures accordingly.

What are we expecting in Q1 2021!

Season 2 Story Mode

A new Campaign is coming! Season 2 will be unlocked after players clear Season 1 Heroic difficulty. Season 2 will have 4 difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Legendary and Master modes. Season 2 will follow Olivia and Jake on a new journey after their titanic battle with the Empire at the capital city of Gramedu and provide more challenging gameplay with great rewards. We are working very hard to release more stories along the way in 2021.

World Raid Mode

Server wide World Raid Mode will be introduced, players will unlock World Raid when they reach player level 40. The World Raid Boss is immortal and has no HP meter. What sorcery could be causing this? (Hint: Uncover the mystery when you play Season 2 of Campaign mode!) Players will have to challenge the World Raid boss to prevent it from destroying Feldria! Multiple teams are introduced with the World Raid System, where players will bring more than 1 team to challenge the boss!

Thailand Language Localization

We will support Thai language display in the next app update during Q1 2021. The Thailand region will be opened too so that the players from Thailand can join in the adventure with us.

Improvement and Changes

Upcoming Shining Beyond’s (Quality of Life) QOL features for all players.

Here are a few of the optimizations and changes that we have implemented or are planning to apply to the game very soon:

1. Set Guild join limit of 30 members per day
2. Add confirmation prompt when opening energy chests using “Open All”
3. Changed Friend List sorting from most recent login date to least
4. Changed Tower keys to not reset if the count is at least 4/3 (more than 3)
5. World chat will now unlock at player level 5 (to reduce bot spam)
6. Changed “First time purchase” flow to be more user-friendly
7. Changed “Sold Out” items in Shops will now be moved to the bottom of the page
8. Add timer to show when recurring “Sold Out” items in Shops will be available again
9. Bot/Mod trackers to flag out suspicious accounts

We are really grateful for the support we received from players since our launch. This Game may only be a month old, but the amount of feedback, passion and love we have received has given us enormous confidence and motivation to continue to strive and improve and optimize Shining Beyond.

We are always grateful for your words of encouragement. Just like the resistance army is the hope shining beyond the darkness of evil, you, our player community, are the sun that gives us the energy and motivation we need to march bravely towards the future.

We’re looking forward to more feedback and hearing from all of you!

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