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DEVELOPER BLOG – 14 January 2022


Dear Players,

Welcome to the first Shining Beyond developer blog for 2022!

In this edition of our developer blog, we’d like to announce and go over some of the exciting new features and quality-of-life (QOL) improvements coming your way very soon.

1. Next Series of Heroes
2. World Raid 2
3. Team Swapping in Seasonal Arena
4. Costumes in Future Event Wishing Wells
5. Hero Unity Quality-of-Life (QOL)
6. “Savior’s Stairway” Tower Adjustments

Next Series of Heroes

Now that all of the planned Dark Disciples series heroes have made their way to the game, we’re just about ready to unveil our next set of heroes coming to Shining Beyond.

Four of them are travellers coming to Feldria from another realm.

Separate from the series of four heroes, we will also be introducing a 5th whose silhouette here might seem familiar to adventurers who’ve played through Season 2 of Shining Beyond’s campaign.

World Raid 2: Coming Soon

Our development team is currently hard at work on a new boss for World Raid 2.

We’ll share more details on the new World Raid boss closer to deployment, but for fans of the World Raid mode, do expect a tougher challenge that will test your mettle. We hope your heroes are ready!

Team Swapping in Seasonal Arena

One piece of feedback we’ve been hearing a lot of from players who participate in the Seasonal Arena is that they wished it would be possible to swap the order of their deployed teams.

We’re pleased to announce that in our next run of Seasonal Arena, we will be implementing this much-requested feature. Please give it a try in the next season!

Costumes in Event Wishing Wells

Last year, we introduced a number of limited-time Event Wishing Wells where players would stand a chance to obtain an exclusive hero costume.

We’ve received a lot of good feedback (as well as suggestions on improvements) from players about Event Wishing Wells.

So we’re pleased to announce that this year we will continue the trend, and give out more chances to obtain hero costumes – for free – through Event Wishing Wells.

Hero Unity: Quality-of-Life (QOL)

The Hero Unity system allowed players to temporarily boost heroes to a high level, but with one caveat: characters placed into Hero Unity slots would no longer be able to level up to clear Limited Hero’s Quests for shards.

That, however, will no longer be the case beginning 20 January 2022.

After our latest major patch has been rolled out on that day, players would now be able to level up even the heroes who have been placed in Hero Unity slots.

“Savior’s Stairway” Adjustments

In a future update we will be making a number of changes to the “Savior’s Stairway” Tower mode, such as adjusting for floors to give out more rewards.

When we are ready to roll out the changes, we will also be resetting Savior’s Stairway tower progression for all players.

So now might be a good time to put in your best shot and challenge yourself to see how much further in the Tower your favourite line-up of heroes can clear, before the Tower reset!


That’s it for this round, but those are just some of the many changes and improvements the development team is working on.

We’ve got plenty more to reveal for 2022, so please look forward to more new content, and keep your feedback and suggestions coming! You can do so by heading over to our Facebook page or official Discord server and check out the #suggestion-discussion channel.

Until next time, may your travels be safe and bounties be plentiful in Feldria.

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