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Destiny Dice: How to play


Destiny Dice

20th January 3.00PM to 3rd February 2.00PM

*Event Times are based off GMT +8*”

Completing 5 laps around the board will reward players with Lu Bu’s Auspicious Stars Costume !
Destiny Dice can be access from the Mini-Games Icon on the home page.

How to Play

Players move their characters forward based on the number rolled from Dice. Make your way around the board to obtain prizes. Each lap completed will improve the rewards on the board by 20%. The maximum rewards bonus is 200%, after 10 laps around the board have been completed.


White Dice – Contains numbers 1-6
Red Dice – Contains only 5,6
Blue Dice – Contains only 1,2

Dice can be obtained from Event Daily Special quests, Board Rewards, and from special in-game purchases!
Clearing each day’s Event Daily Special quests will reward you with 10 White Dice.
Do note that once all your White Dice are depleted, players will also be able to spend 5 Event Energy to perform a White Dice roll on the board.

Tile Types

Let’s take a look at all the different types of tiles you can land on in Destiny Dice. Please note that all Reward Tiles may only be activated once per lap.
– Start Tile: Pass this tile to multiply the amount of rewards on the board (capped at 10 laps).
– Reward Tiles: Players are rewarded with the items specified on the tile. Tile rewards may be increased by completing more laps.
– Detour Tile: Land on this tile to take an alternate route.
– Teleport Tile: Land on this tile to instantly move your character to the teleporter exit.
– Treasure Chest Tile: Obtain a random reward from a pool of prizes! Players can also pay a fee to open additional chests for more rewards.
– Shop Voucher Tile: Grants the player a shop voucher allowing players to obtain any one of the displayed items for free. Only one voucher can be held at any one time.
– Shop Tile: 3 items from a pool will be displayed, which players can purchase.
– Movement Tile: After landing on this tile, the character will move forward based on the number of steps the tile specifies.

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