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A good day to all Adventurers,

The Council of Elders has previously announced that all adventurers in Feldria who are found to be cheating would be permanently banned, even for first-time offenders, under the “Shining Code of Ethics” policy.

Today, the council has released a partial list of cheaters who recently felt the might of the banhammer. All who violate the policy will be hunted down in order not to undermine the hard work put in by others.

Once again, thank you all for supporting Shining Beyond, and we welcome everyone to Feldria!

IGN of cheaters permanently banned per 22nd January – 22nd February 2021!

Vee** tuancho****
raiko*** Carb****
內幕優*** jagua****
Bubu**** IT SHOW T***
我的** RO****
I✿一Lumi**** HCl***
らせす*** Mash**
DestinyC**** BangG***
PATARO**** lookt***
Buncir**** 小**
Dayangs**** 123****
Kun*** ₳฿₦ØⱤ***
卑鄙*** Cale Hen*****
joni*** junkin*****
ỏit** Vi****
lily2*** NuchL*****
SupportBu*** Aki**
Rhast**** Sangku****
Ske*** lo**
RO** Leviath*****
Shemgw*** John*****
明* Cas***
Ta*** 愛落紅****
mm** Pec****
n1v**** bad**
KanadeC*** Disab***
Son*** mig****
O口** Elope.****
mak*** 暗*
2* In**
fvckingl*** lu***
揶** ꧁Pendra****
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