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Dear Players,

It’s been about a week since we launched our latest in-game event Masters of the Arena, as well as the new World Raid (Beta) mode. We hope that everyone has had fun exploring the newly-released content.

Over the past couple of days, we’ve been looking through the comments on the Shining Beyond Facebook page, our official Discord server, and the /r/ShiningBeyond subreddit. We’ve been scouring high and low, collecting all sorts of player feedback on both the new event and the World Raid (Beta).

In this Developer Blog post, we’d like to share with everyone some of this feedback we’ve received, as well as update you on what’s coming up for World Raid (Beta).

World Raid (Beta)
‘Thank You’ Care Package

As mentioned in our previous Developer Blog post, the World Raid mode is still in Beta, and will be subject to further changes and improvements as we go along. We appreciate your patience and support while we work on improving the play experience for you.

As a token of our appreciation, next week we will be sending out server-wide to all players a ‘Thank You’ Care Package comprising the following:

✦ 300 Gems
✦ 20 6☆ XP Potions
✦ 500 World Raid Tokens

Once the Care Package has been sent out, players will be able to redeem it by logging into Shining Beyond and checking the in-game mailbox.

Character Balance in World Raid

On the subject of character balance, we are aware of the strategies top players on the World Raid (Beta) Ladder have employed to reach high scores.

At the same time, we are also pleased to learn that there are also players who were able to achieve respectable scores by using strategies different from the aforementioned top players.

While we’ve had many discussions internally on the subject of World Raid (Beta) character balance, for the moment we would like to continue monitoring the situation before attempting to make any changes.

For that reason, World Raid (Beta) will continue to be held on weekends from Fridays to Sundays at GMT+8 times in its current form.

This would not only allow us to collect more data and feedback to improve the game mode, but also give players the chance to discover for themselves some of these high-damage strategies their fellow players have found.

We are, however, considering changing World Raid (Beta)’s availability timing to Saturdays till Mondays at GMT+8 times instead, in order to better accommodate our players living in the Western hemisphere.

Improvements to World Raid Ladder

The new World Raid (Beta) mode is intended to be high-difficulty game content to challenge mid-to-late-game players.

As such, for early-game players who may not be able to put too much of a dent into the World Raid boss Megathera’s defenses, we’ve made it so that ALL players can receive a consistent stream of participation rewards simply by attempting World Raid (Beta) at least once per weekend.

As for late-game players, we hope that the three-day World Raid (Beta) Ladder — where you can compete against other players for attractive rewards every weekend — is something you’ll continue to have fun with and look forward to each week.

To that end, we have made improvements to our cheat detection systems to weed out disruptors of fair play — and starting from this weekend, we’ll be removing irregularities on the Ladder rankings before the rewards are distributed.

The improved cheat detection systems should also more accurately determine if a player has achieved a high score legitimately or otherwise.

With that said, should you believe that you were wrongfully banned, please reach out to our Customer Service team via email (official.shiningbeyond@centurygame.com), Facebook or Discord with details. We will escalate the case to further investigate and once it’s confirmed there’s no irregularity regarding your score, we will take action immediately. Please note that we may need further info regarding your strategy and team formation.

Player Feedback: World Raid (Beta)

✦ Many players have expressed their hype and excitement for this brand new way to play Shining Beyond.
✦ Unlike in other play modes, as you can bring up to 12 heroes in World Raid (Beta), the value of heroes who possess buffs and debuffs have greatly changed here. And players have had fun speculating on strategies that lead to high damage scores.
✦ With that said, we understand that there are also a number of issues and bugs that we need to investigate.
✦ For instance: User Interface (UI) display issues due to buff icons.
✦ We will also look into providing more detailed, glossary-style information on the World Raid (Beta) boss through our community channels.

The above is but just a small sample of the mountain of feedback we’ve received, of course.

We’d like to invite all players to continue to share with us your experience with the mode, whether it be through Discord, Facebook or Reddit.

While we cannot personally respond to every piece of feedback or suggestion, please rest assured that we do look at your feedback.

Player Feedback:
“Masters of the Arena”

✦Many players were happy to see that the “Express” function is finally usable on event mission nodes. This has been a much-requested Quality-of-Life feature.
✦ The difficulty level of event stages have been lowered so that more players can reach and clear the Legendary stages.
✦ Players have had lots of fun going on a shopping spree in our Event Gold/Arena Shop, where you can redeem much-requested rare items such as SSR * Summon Tickets, 7* Medium Class Orb Chests and other goodies with in-game gold. This limited-time feature was implemented as part of our celebrations for the forthcoming Lunar New Year.

You, the players, have communicated to us your desire to use Express skip tickets on Event stages. You’ve also let us know that the difficulty level of some of our past events had been set too high.

We’ve heard you loud and clear and implemented with the latest Event — and we will continue to monitor in-game difficulty levels to strike a good balance between casual and hardcore players.

We will also continue to make other improvements based on your requests and suggestions. So please, keep those suggestions coming, whether it be through the #suggestions channel on Discord, through discussion threads on Reddit, or comments on our Facebook page.

The Event Gold/Arena Shop added this time around was a direct result of feedback we’ve received from players who had been building up gigantic stashes of gold. We’re glad that this feature has been well-received by the community.

Although the Event Gold/Arena Shop is currently only available for a limited time, we are certainly thinking of running it again as a recurring feature in the future.


That’s all for this Developer Blog entry.

It’s only been two months since Shining Beyond’s global launch, and the team understands that there is still much more we can do to improve the game for you.

We are thankful and incredibly grateful for your continued support.

The team remains committed to making the game better, and here at XII Braves our ultimate goal is to build great games alongside you, the players. As always, we welcome any and all feedback.

The best way to reach us is through our official Shining Beyond Discord server, where there are dedicated channels for suggestions, community contests, and more.

For more updates and announcements on Shining Beyond, please follow us on our official Facebook page here. Don’t forget to click on the ellipsis “…” button, and change your following setting to “Favourites” to be among the first to know whenever we’ve put out a new FB post.

Until next time, may your travels be safe and bounties be plenty in Feldria.

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