Basics on getting around
Idle system
Let the game work for you

Ease the strain of the grind with the help of the offline AI System, designed to aid in hero progression. Deploy your team to run missions on their own when you’re away from the game. During idle play, monsters may drop rare weapons and loot, along with any resources you decide to farm. Upon your return, you need only receive your rewards all at once.

Spend these resources to strengthen your team and clear missions of higher difficulty, unlocking harder idle stages for greater offline rewards. The strength of your offline team greatly affects your progress even when away from the game.

Idle Exploration

Whenever you make progression in new Story Map, the Idle system will automatically progressing to the next stage and generate resources over time. This generation of resources will go on constantly, even when you are away! The further you clear the Stage, the more loots you'll receive.