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Customized Heroes
Recruit and Grow your Dream Team

Jobs define each Hero as the basis for their Skills and Abilities. Each hero starts their journey as one of four basic jobs: Rogue, Squire, Archer or Acolyte. Freely customize your heroes as they advance further, accessing the Advanced and Expert job tiers of your choice. Multiple options are open to all heroes depending on your specific needs. You can also complement their job skills with equipment and specialized runes.

Master each job to progress on to the next, carrying along all skills learnt from currently active jobs. Future advancements may even allow heroes to have multiple Advanced and Expert jobs. As your hero progresses in Rarity, you will find that their appearances will also change to reflect their growth.

With over 22 different jobs in Shining Beyond for players to choose from, you have the power to tailor your dream team from a diverse roster of heroes that will suit your unique playstyle.

Plan your hero’s journey

Each hero starts from one of four Basic Jobs: Rogue, Squire, Archer or Acolyte. They will be able to advance further, accessing the Advanced and Expert job tiers.

I. Basic Tier

The jobs in the innermost circle make up the Basic tier (Rogue, Squire, Archer, Acolyte)

II. Advanced Tier

The jobs in the next layer make up the Advanced tier

III. Expert Tier

All the jobs in the outermost layer make up the Expert jobs!

Hero’s path and progression

You will be able to choose different paths to advance, as you work your way towards your desired Expert Job. Take for example, Cecil, who starts off as a Rogue. Progression along the job tree is easy. When you master a job, you’ll be able to advance to an available job on the next tier.

Shining Beyond Job Skills

After advancing to the next job, skills learnt from your previous jobs are still active. You retain access to all skills from each of your currently active jobs. The path you choose matters as well.

To become a Dark Templar, you can get there from either the Zealot or Crusader Advanced jobs.

On Path A, Olivia will learn the skill sets of Squire, Zealot and Dark Templar Combined.

On Path B, Olivia will instead have the skill sets of Squire, Crusader and Dark Templar Combined.

In the beginning, you can only have one Basic, one Advanced, and one Expert job active at any given time, though future advancements may allow you to have more than one of each!

Boosting skills through runes

Job Skills are great, but special Runes can make them greater! Runes in Shining Beyond can offer a way to boost the power of your Job Skills or even grant additional effects. These Rune bonuses stack with your Job Skills levels, allowing you to reach new levels of power!

In Shining Beyond, You determine the best progression for each of your heroes. Hero Jobs are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customizing them.