Basics on getting around
Battle System
New Challenges Await Beyond Arathos

Engage in exciting real-time combat as you explore challenging missions with Jake, Olivia and their teammates. Take on Grand Trials to unlock the rarest rewards. Read the flow of battle and interrupt enemies before they can cast their skills on you. Auto-path and Auto-skill functions allow for a seamless hands-off experience, and you can disable either option or both of them depending on how much control you wish to exercise over your team.

Send your heroes on dangerous quests, treasure hunts and even escort missions as you enter unique dungeons dynamically assembled by the intelligent AI system. No two missions can ever be the same, as you’re presented with a whole new layout and potentially new events whenever you enter a mission.

Overcome the many trials before you and emerge victorious to truly earn your title as a Knight of the Resistance Army.

Grand Trials

Before jumping into battle, you’ll be allowed to choose Grand Trials to undertake. These trials will offer great rewards if you can overcome difficult challenges. Each Grand Trial offers an additional challenge to players, making the mission a little more difficult. They might grant advantages to your enemies, or disadvantage your own team in some way.

Stacking multiple Grand Trials will accordingly make the mission more difficult, but will also reward you the best possible chests from each mission!

For each Grand Trial on a node, there are as many Grand Chests to claim, but each chest can only be claimed once.

On to the action

Each mission will challenge you with combat against enemies and unique tasks to complete as you work your way towards the final objective.

Rather than simply defeating the Final Boss of each mission, the Objectives System in Shining Beyond may require other specific tasks you must do in order to clear the missions.

Map Dungeons

The most unique feature in Shining Beyond is that no two missions can ever be alike. The layout of each mission is randomly generated from a series of pre-designed rooms.

The intelligent AI system pieces together each of these rooms to create a brand new experience for you, ensuring freshness and replay ability each time you enter a mission.


Players will navigate these levels with the aim of completing the final mission objective. Every room contains unique encounters ranging from enemies to quests and perhaps even treasure. Move between rooms by swiping in your preferred direction once you have cleared the current room.

When enemies appear, your heroes automatically engage the closest enemies. You can direct your heroes to focus your attacks on specific targets by tapping on them.

You also have the ability to move your units anywhere within a room by tapping at that location. Useful for avoiding enemy skills!


There are two ways to cast your Heroes’ Skills. When a skill is ready, tap and drag to manually cast the skill on your desired target, or simply tap on the skill and the AI will cast it upon its preferred target. All skills require a ‘Casting Time’ before they are used. If you time it right, you can interrupt any enemies trying to cast their skills! Beware, however - as they can also do the same to you.

This makes each battle very skill-dependent - once you master the system, you may be able to take on stages of higher difficulty even while under-levelled or under-geared!

Event Rooms

Event Rooms are special encounters that periodically appear while exploring a level. What happens in these rooms may completely surprise you!

They may be Chest Rooms that offer you a DPS(Damage) Challenge…

They may contain NPCs that require your assistance or escort..

And might even contain special Shrines that grant effects to the entire level, affecting all players and monsters.

The possibilities are limitless, and ensures that no two missions are ever completely alike."


The Co-Op system allows you to link up to two friends to explore dungeons in real-time. Each player is free to roam as they please, allowing you to freely explore the level before you combine your might to take on the big bosses!

The Energy cost will only be deducted from the player hosting the game. Co-op play works in everyone’s favor!/

Auto Functions

If you prefer a more hands-off experience (or would rather let the AI do the heaving lifting), you might appreciate the Auto-Pathing and Auto-Skill functions.

With this option on, the AI determines the optimal route to take through the mission, and navigates through the level on its own.

The AI determines when and where to activate Hero Skills once they are ready. You may choose to activate either option, or both at the same time, depending on how much control you prefer to have.