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Patch Notes 18/2


‘Bearable Bonds’ Event Synopsis

What starts as a simple bounty request turns into something more, as Yasha — Barrosh’s surrogate daughter and one of the last surviving members of the Kalaar monster-slaying tribe — runs into Valiant Lucille. The fateful encounter begins to leave a profound impact on Yasha’s world view.

New Features

1. New Limited Time Event: Bearable Bonds

2. Introducing New Rogue-class Hero: Yasha (SSR)

3. New School Costumes: Yasha (SSR) and Lucille (SSR)

4. 3-Month Global Anniversary Special Giveaway (14 Days) and Box Event Summon


1. Summon rates increased for Yasha (SSR) and Lucille (SSR).

2. To celebrate Yasha’s debut, there will be a new Step Up Summon made available to all players for a limited period. Players who complete this Step Up Summon will obtain sufficient hero shards to summon Yasha (SSR) and a 7* Yasha Weapon.

3. New 3-Month Global Anniversary Box Event Summon – Anniversary Tickets collected can be used in 3-Month Anniversary Box Summon. There are plenty of resources to be earned from the Box Summon such as Class Orbs for all hero classes, Summon Tickets, Hero Weapon Selector, and many more. Note: Anniversary Tickets are obtainable from daily login giveaway, Shop or through Yasha’s Step Up Summon.

Limited Time Event

(18th February – 11th March 2021)

Event Hub is unlocked at Player Level 15

1. New Dungeon: Wandering Forest will be available during the entire event period.

2. Updated Event Shop: Collect the special Event Tokens (Dawn Event Tokens) and exchange them in the Event Shop for Yasha’s Hero Shards, Blood Drinker Set, Rogue and Acolyte Class Trigger Runes, Relics and Weapon Selector!

3. Collection Ladder: Ursa Major Treasure – Collect the prized Bear Tokens and strive for the top of the Collection Ladder! Obtain awesome prizes such as event-exclusive Lucille’s Sweet Sophomore Costume, Yasha’s Hero Shards, Class Orb Selector, Summon Tickets and many more! Collection Ladder starts from 4th – 11th March 2021.

4. Limited time buff – Gain extra 20% Event Tokens when you have Yasha in your squad and extra 10% Event Tokens when you have Lucille in your squad! These bonuses are in effect even for Express runs!

5. Limited-time Event Forge: Forge Event-Exclusive Gear – Blood Drinker Ring and Blood Drinker Wings with Blood Shards and Blood Cores.

6. Express Event – Players will be able to use express tickets on completed Event Stages to clear them as many times as you have Event Energy for. Please note that using the Express function on this event may lead to less rewards than with manual play, due to the event’s mechanics.

7. Remember to claim Bonus Energy Meal Giveaways (3 times a day) during this event from your Mailbox. Collect them in the morning from 4AM onwards, after lunch from 12PM onwards, and during dinner time from 8PM onwards (GMT +8).

Note: Event Energy Token resets daily. If you purchase any extras or obtain them through Forge, please remember to use them before the daily reset time (every 12AM , GMT+8)


1. Yasha’s Lab Coat Costume from “Where’s the Chemistry?” bundle in the Shop. Costume bundle will be available from 18th February – 11th March 2021

2. Lucille’s Sweet Sophomore Costume from “It Still Fits?!” bundle in the Shop. Costume bundle will be available from 18th February – 11th March 2021


1. Two limited-time packs, Yasha’s Debut Pack and Yasha’s Weapon Pack, will be available in the Shop. Get your hands on Yasha’s Hero Shards and Weapon from these bundles!

2. New limited-time Lucille Advancement Pack will be available in the Shop! Grab these resources to promote the Acolyte Valiant, Lucille Rozarria and make her even stronger!

3. Limited-time Rogue and Acolyte Relic Bundles will be available in the Shop! Swing by the shop to get these special deals to upgrade your Rogue and Acolyte heroes!

3a. 3 different Rogue Relic Bundles will be available from 18 Feb – 25 Feb
3b. 3 different Acolyte Relic Bundles will be available from 25 Feb – 4 Mar

4. Grab the event-exclusive Daily Bear Treasures in the Shop, refreshed daily!

5. Shining Beyond 3-Month Anniversary Special Bundles will be available in the Shop! You can grab additional Anniversary Tickets through the Daily Anniversary Tickets or Anniversary Ticket Pack to win more rewards from the Box Summon such as Class Orbs, Summon Tickets, Hero Weapon Selector, and many more.

6. Weekend Flash Sales will be making a return, offering up various important resources such as Class Orbs, Dungeon Keys, Energy and Hero Shards to aid you on your journey in Feldria. Visit the shop every Saturday and Sunday to find these exclusive one-time bundles!

World Raid

1. Starting from this week, World Raid will now be open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday instead, so as to better accommodate players living in the Western hemisphere.

2.Barrosh’s World Raid Mastery is intended to only affect 1 squad (4 heroes) only and not all 3 squads as erroneously stated in our World Raid Guide. We apologize for the mistake.


1. Shining Beyond Global is celebrating its 3-Month Anniversary! A special giveaway is available for the next 14 days. Remember to log in daily to collect Gems and Anniversary Tickets that you can use on the 3-Month Anniversary Box Summon to receive rewards!

2. A new, limited-time Glory Battle Pass will be in effect from 4th – 11th March 2021 (12 AM GMT+8). Summon on the Special Hero Banner featuring the Arena heroes to level up your Battle Pass and earn free rewards such as Valianites, Class Orb and Hero Weapon Selectors. Special Summon tickets (Purple) will be available on Event Shop on Week 3 (4th – 11th March 2021)

Bug Fixes and Changes

1. Skill – Niko’s ‘Diable Cuisine’ heal over time effects will no longer be able to Crit.

2. Skill – Athena’s ‘Penance Aegis’ chain lightning effect will now work properly.

3. UI – Switching between languages multiple times will no longer change the Bag icon name.

4. Dungeon – The enemy wave counter will now show the correct name when playing the game in Traditional Chinese language.

5. Tower – Savior’s Stairways post-battle floor name will now display the correct tower name.

6. Tower – Tower currency tooltip will now display the correct tower name.

7. Wishing Altar – Standard Wishing Altar will now give relics of the correct rarity.

8. Arena – Players leveling up to Level 20 during the Arena end-of-week result calculation period will now be able to perform matchmaking in Arena as per normal.


1. The limited-time event “Masters of the Arena” will end.

2. Event Shop will be closed on 18th February 2021 (2PM GMT+8).

3. Barrosh’s Featured Summon banner will be removed.

4. Tangerine Tournament Collection Ladder Event will end. Do remember to claim your rewards through the in-game mail before the collection period ends. Reward Collection Period: 18th – 23rd Feb 2021 2pm (12AM GMT+8)

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